Most of the students of the institute (B.Sc. B.Ed, B.Ed and M.Ed.) reside in the hostels situated on the campus. The hostel rooms are furnished with beds, tables, chairs, fans and electrical fixtures. Each hostel has a kitchen, a dining hall, a recreation and common room with the facilities of T.VFor this purpose there are six hostels. The rooms are used to accommodate both the regular students and the participants coming to the RIE to attend the various extension programmes. The RIE staff has also been provided with a large number of quarters of different types.

Boys Hostel

1. Tilak Hostel

2. Ranjit Hostel

Girls Hostel

1. Laxmibai Hostel

2. Rana Pratap Hostel

3. Shivaji Hostel

4. Saraswati Hostel